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Dash Hemp

The company’s founder and owner, Richard Dash has an extensive back round in the apparel business in retail and manufacturing. He formed an apparel company in Honolulu in the 1970s that manufactured women’s accessories, swimwear, tops, and started/managed/owned the Lobster and Roses retail stores in Honolulu and Maui. In 1985 Dash put his apparel business on the back burner and returned to his previous profession conducting international tours.

International travel afforded Dash a unique perspective on the plight of third world people. He has seen firsthand the living and working conditions in these countries. This helped him understand that manufacturing conditions needed to be humane and sustainable. Dash Hemp works only with sweat-free labor in manufacturing their Hemp clothing; not in big factories, but in relatively small work shops in China, where the Hemp is grown.

His passion for Hemp began in 1997, when Dash attended the WHEE Festival in Oregon. That visit convinced him that Hemp was the Fiber of the future for apparel, and indeed, could eventually play a major role in the apparel industry in the U.S. spent 2 days in Oregon with hemp manufacturers and piece good importers, purchased some jersey material, and began manufacturing T shirts in Los Angeles.

Dash became involved in the Hemp Movement to legalize industrial Hemp in 1998, and continues to design and manufacture some of the most unique garments in the Hemp Industry. High quality, versatility, and attention to detail are his primary concerns. Dash Hemp knits exclusive, innovative fabrics for use in their garments.

Dash constantly pushes his contractors to provide more sustainable working conditions.

We are a small company. Don’t be surprised if

I answer the phone. Thanks so much!

-Richard Dash

Customer Comments

Dear Richard,

Thanks for your gift of clothing. The items that my 19 year old son hasn’t stolen off me I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing and as you say they are really comfortable.
Best of luck.
Kind regards,
Richard Branson 
Virgin Air 
Tortola, Brittish Virgin Islands 

Hello Richard Dash,

WOW! My husband I would love to tell you how wonderful your clothes are and how much we wear them. We travel for business and we both have several pieces from your collection. These items do not wrinkle, take up very little space, and look superb when we are get dressed for our business meetings. Thank you for the men’s crew necks (we have 3 different colors), they work great alone or under a suit jacket. Thank you for the women’s tie tank, they work alone with slacks or shorts, and they look great under a suit. We are looking forward to new colors in the line to add to our collection. Oh , I almost forgot, the jeans are the most comfortable pants to wear on 6 hour plane trips! Once again, the items are wonderful and we love them.

Dawn and Terry Bean 

Dear Richard

I recently spent three weeks in Turkey. I had packed my 100% long sleeve hemp shirt for the trip and I was not disappointed. There are very few fabrics that feel as good to wear as hemp. It has a smooth and light feel like the best silk or premium cotton. In addition to being comfortable, it never loses it shape. And unlike my cotton shirts, odors don’t penetrate the hemp as easily. I found that everyone in Turkey smokes. But my hemp shirt never smelled like tobacco unlike my cotton polos. The other thing I found truely amazing about my long sleeve hemp shirt, was that it kept me cool during the warm Turkish days, and provided great sun protection as well. But my hemp shirt was equally as versatile in the cool evenings by providing just enough warmth. Of course at home, I wear my hemp shirts all the time for casual weekend wear and into the office as well. Based on my travels with the hemp fabric, I am ordering several more shirts for all future trips. And since I have to keep my wife from “borrowing” my hemp shirt to wear herself, I am ordering one for her as well! Kudo’s on one of the best kept secrets and best products on the market at any price! Keep up the good work and I look forward to many more years of enjoyment. 

William C. Burks


When I received my first order from you a week or two ago I was, to say the least, quite surprised at the quality. It was even better than your glowing description. Pleased, but cautious, I held my breath and ordered again (I’ve been down the inconsistent hemp road before, many times). Again, I was treated to the same courteous service followed by prompt delivery and a great product. To say your products are impressive is a gross understatement; the quality design,construction and first class material would be welcomed with any garment- but all this and hemp too? And a business run like a business? Impossible! Keep it up – it’s a pleasure doing business with such a customer oriented company providing such a classic, elegant, and timely product. I love the stuff! 

George Mezalis, Ph.D. 

Richard Dash sells the best hemp clothing around, from my experience. It is stylish in a restrained way, made of the finest materials and impeccably crafted. I have lots of his clothing and I wear something almost every day,it is that comfortable. I have given many presents of his line for women to the ladies in my family of all ages to great success. Hemp clothing has a wonderful drape, a bit like linen but a bit more substantial. It is perfect for every time of the year because it breathes so naturally. What I find remarkable is that with each washing it becomes even more elegant in texture: softer yet retaining its shape. You feel comfortable wearing it because of its smoothness. Yet it is also perfect for layering.

John Thow
Professor of Music UC Berkeley

Hey Richard, This was my first venture into buying clothing on the internet, and I couldn’t be anymore pleased with the product. By the way you were right, the smalls would’ve been too small. The mediums fit perfectly. The color’s great, and they’re just about the most comfortable things I own. Thanks again, Brad Young Hello Richard, Thank you for your commitment to customer satisfaction. I have recieved the shirt. It is my first item of hemp clothing, and I love it. I have since purchased a pair of 100% hemp jeans, and am looking forward to their arrival. I truely appreciate your dedication to educating the American public of the higher quality of hemp verses cotton. 

Best Regards, 
Scott L., 
Oakland, Calif. P.S.
Thanks for replying to the question, and providing the link to Sunset Magazine’s article. 

Hello Dash Hemp

I just purchased my first hemp T-shirt from you guys and noticed Teresa’s hemp house. It rocks. I would love to learn about the materials used and the process in building this home. Please send me a little info, or contact info on who else I may contact. Thank you very much for the work you are doing.

Best Regards,
Scott L. Oakland, CA 

I own two of your hand-loomed hemp tops, one in black and one in natural. I wanted to let you know that I love them and wear them all the time. They look good with skirts, slacks, jeans, anything. In addition, I also use the long-sleeved crew as a hiking/camping shirt. On my last trip, I wore it for three days, covered it with sunscreen, bug spray and sweat. I was disgusting, but the shirt carried itself without any bad smell or anything! It was great. Thank you! Kate Bendick Francisco, Calif. 


Dear Dash Hemp Santa Cruz, 

The Hemp Pique shirt you shipped to me last month was far beyond my expectations… your claims about hemp features are absolutely true…it’s sooo comfortable, and gets softer and even more comfortable with each washing. Looking forward to getting more great hemp products from you in the future! 

R. Kenyon 
First Cabin Travel San Diego, Calif.

Your hemp drawstrings are really great! When I come home at night, I put them on and feel really relaxed…I’ve never worn anything so comfortable!

Deno Boosalis
Long Beach, Calif.